Monday, June 29, 2009

Paige's Party

You missed a great party last night - it was rockin'!!! We rented a Mickey Mouse bounce house for the kids to jump in, sandwiches from Mr. Goodscents, and sparkling white wine from Trader Joe's. The weather couldn't have been better last night. It was about 83 degrees with sun and a light breeze. The kids were either in the bounce house or playing on the playground. Some decided to check out the house so we had a small group in the basement going down the slide and crawling through tents.

There was one thing I forgot to get - candles! I ran to all the neighbors and was not able to find one stinkin' candle. So...we improvised and used a Party Lite votive candle for her to blow out. I don't think she even knew the difference.

She opened her presents on the patio on daddy's lap. She got a lot of neat gifts but I think her favorite is the toy birthday cake. She puts toppings and candles on it and then sings Happy Birthday to herself and then blows out the candles...extremely adorable. I was able to get a video of check it out.

All in all it ran smoothly and was tons of fun. Hopefully, it will be this easy every year!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hard but Productive Day!!!

I have been wanting to post what has been going on but I seem to be just too tired at night to think straight. The last two days have been dedicated to cleaning our cluttered, dusty basement. The first day I had our babysitter, Mamie, help me take bags of stuff to my car but she became ill so I am finishing it up on my own. I made one trip to Goodwill today and will make another one tomorrow.

Paige hung out with me all afternoon while I swept up spiders and dust bunnies. She had a blast playing in the tents and, of course, watching me work. Here is a shot of her chillin' on her Sesame Street chair watching me break my back...hehe!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chesterfield Aquatic Center

We decided to hit the aquatic center after naps today because it was a balmy 95 degrees and we needed to cool down. I brought my little Sony hoping to get some cute shots and I think I suceeded. I am still working on getting pictures with the right lighting but my kids just move around too fast. I am just happy to get any pictures!

Hmmm...which one?

I just had to take a picture of Shane eating his dinner tonight. He was extremely hungry from hard play at the pool so he wasn't messing around tonight. He had his chicken drumstick in one hand and a corn on the cob in the other hand. He was so tired and he couldn't decide which one to take a bite of. He is just too cute!!!

Trip to Costco

I snapped a few cute pics of the kids today in the shopping cart. One day they won't be riding in the cart because they will be too big :( I want to remember them this small and cute forever.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mozy For Moms!

Mozy For Moms!

I wanted to share this site because all of us moms have those precious photos that we don't want to lose. I have my laptop backed up everyday so that I don't have to worry about losing anything.

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Walpert Visit

My sister, Lacy, is in town with my adorable niece and nephew - Ava and Dash. We are having a great time but sleeping arrangements have been a bit difficult. Poor Lacy (and the kids) has had very little sleep so we are not able to do everything we wanted due to our lack of energy. We are going to Crown Candy Kitchen today for lunch and dessert. I think the kids will love it. We did make it to the park last week with our Aunt Taneya and Savannah. The kids loved it. Then we went to Trader Joe's and let all four kids have a shopping cart and it was crazy. I wanted to take pictures of that but there was just no way to shop, take pics, and keep the kids out of trouble. I think we are going to go back and take some pics since it was tooooooo cute!!!

View the album here!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Springfield Trip

I took a little trip to visit my high school bud, Kelly, in Springfield, MO. I drove down on Friday afternoon and stayed until Sunday so that I could attend her baby shower. I was able to have drinks with another high school but, as well as, see how Springfield has grown. It was fun and relaxing and so nice to catch up with Kelly. Next trip will be to go down to see her new baby girl!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Drawing Time

Just a little down time drawing on their DoodlePros.

So Grown Up

I took a picture of Paige after her bath because she just looked so innocent and adorable.  Her pajamas are from Thailand and she really loved them because they had bears on them. She was having her regular fruit cup snack when I took this picture.  She is definitely looking like a little girl!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Exhausting Day

I promised to take Shane to see Up this morning after I dropped Paige off at preschool. Apparently, Wehrenberg changed their movie time for "Up" at the last minute.  So, we drove all the way to Arnold, MO, to see the 10:30am showing.  It was 3D and totally awesome.  At the end I rushed Shane to the car and I was on a mission.  I had 30 minutes until I had to pick up Paige.  I made it 3 minutes before 1pm and was very proud of myself.  

Finished another layout today to go with the one I posted before.  I am starting to get a hang of this digital thing...