Monday, July 26, 2010

Paige’s New Uniform

Paige finally got her new uniform for karate and I had to take some super cute pictures of them together.  I hemmed the pants but I still need to hem the shirt.  I just wanna eat them!!!


Saturday, July 24, 2010

John Legend under the Arch

Jeanette won some VIP tickets to see John Legend downtown at the Arch so we decided to make a night of it.  We got a babysitter and the three of us had dinner at Wasabi (sushi) before heading into downtown which was super busy.  We got to park free inside this gigantic parking garage which went several stories down.  After parking we then had to walk about a half mile into the park.  Wow, was it crowded!!!

Our seats were directly under the Arch and about 30 feet from the stage.  Right before the concert started security let in people in from beyond the gates.  It got a little crazy at first because everyone wanted in but things settled down when the concert began.  The music and weather was great.  After the concert there was a magnificent fireworks show began but we decided to get on out of there before the crowd did.  The walk back to the garage was super difficult…Eddie was leading, Jeanette had her hand on her shoulder and mine on hers.  If we got separated we would not be able to find each other.  When we got back to the garage the attendant said we had better hurry unless we wanted to be stuck down there in traffic for several hours. 

Overall, I don’t plan on going back anytime soon but if we do – we are definitely taking the Metro!  See more at


Paige’s 4th Birthday

We decided to take Paige to Chuck E Cheese’s on her birthday evening and decided last minute minute to go ahead and throw her a small party with just a few friends.  We had pizza, wings, and cake and played a lot of games.  Paige did try her hand inside the ticket booth goggles and all but when the air turned on she absolutely freaked.  She started crying and when we turned it off she was so upset that she couldn’t do it.  They gave us 200 tickets since she couldn’t catch any herself.

The party lasted about 2.5 hours and turned out great.  Her cake was from Costco and she chose chocolate cake with a big blue dinosaur on the front.  That’s what she wanted.  Overall, the party was a hit.  See the rest at


So Much to Post – So Little Time!!

Once again I have gone too long without posting what is going on in the Piromsuk Family.  I think I will start with Paige’s Birthday party (July 5th) and end with our trip to Maryland last week.  There might be a few stray stories here and there about my new found hobby but I won’t try to bore you too much.  Here goes nothing!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Big News from Maryland…

As some of you know I am in Maryland visiting my sister, niece, and nephew.  I got the pleasure of experience an earthquake at 5am this morning.  I have now experienced an earthquake on the west coast, Midwest, and east coast – not to mention a few hurricanes in South Florida.  I woke up and knew exactly what was going on but the kids didn’t wake up so I went back to sleep. 

I woke up and talked to Lacy who didn’t believe me that there was an earthquake.  She was just mad that Jason shook her awake at 5am this morning.  He kept telling her that he didn’t.  Finally, we turned on the TV for confirmation of the 3.6 earthquake that hit Gaithersburg, MD.  That is where my sister lives…on the epicenter.

We are on our way to a 7 acre park this morning.  There is a heat advisory of 96 degrees by 11 am so we are about to walk out the door.  I will keep you updated on any aftershocks!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Baby Birds: the Final Chapter

My two plants are finally back to normal…no more nests, baby birds, and constant chirping.  Last week I pulled down the plant one last time to take my final pictures and the birds were scared and flew out of the nest.  Three of the baby birds were able to fly into the tree but one of them did a little flutter to the ground but couldn’t fly up.  He ran around the grass and into a bush.  I took a few pictures and wondered how he would fare that night.  I haven’t found any little dead baby birds so I think they are doing fine.  I have seen a few of them around and they seem to be doing fine.  Here are some pictures of them from start to finish:

IMG_5855IMG_5913 IMG_5916IMG_5918IMG_5968IMG_5966IMG_5965

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Too Cute For Words!!!!!


I Totally Forgot…

I was able to get a video of Paige doing karate a few weeks ago and forgot to post it on my blog.  She has really taken to karate and is getting her real uniform next week.  She is a very talented little girl…I don’t know if she really loves it or loves to do it because Shane loves to do it!