Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Strange Bird Encounter…

I have been watching the birds around our home for the last several years and these weren’t your typical sweet birds.  Eddie pointed it out to me – there had to be 15 to 20 birds right under the bird feeder.  They kept trying to fight each other off for a place at the bird feeder.  It was the strangest thing.  I took a few pictures from the window but when I tried to open the sliding glass door they all flew the coop!


Fun at the Zoo!

We all decided to do the zoo together Labor Day weekend.  We thought early Sunday morning would be the best time but the line into the Zoo was incredibly long.  The weather was great and the animals were active.  We got to see a super cute baby elephant splashing and playing in the water…and I did get a video!

DSC02724 DSC02729

You can see all the pictures here:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shane’s 7th Birthday DAY!!!

We celebrated Shane’s birthday on his real birthday – August 20th.  I can’t believe that he is now seven years old!  Paige and I stopped by Costco and picked up chocolate chip cookies and brought them to Shane’s school for his birthday snack.  We had a great time – Shane passed out cookies to his friends until his hands started getting messy and Mrs. Higgs took over.DSC02624

Paige loved being in class with the older kids – I think she will love kindergarten.  All of Shane’s classmates were so nice and thanked me for bringing cookies.  I took Shane home after school and we waited for Dad to get home.

We drove to Dave and Busters that night to do dinner and games with Shane that evening.  We had a nice dinner but the kids were excited to get to the games.  There were a few cute games they liked but it was just not a kid place.  We played for a bit and got home kind of late.  I made cupcakes for Shane – vanilla with a Sponge Bob candle.  Jeanette and I sung a quick happy birthday song and we ate our cupcakes.

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So Very Behind the Game…

I have been extremely exhausted since school has started and I have not been able to get my self on a routine, yet, but I am trying.  We have been very busy the last few weeks and I have taken many pictures but just haven’t had the time to upload all of them.  So, I am committed to upload at least one file of pictures per day until I am caught up!  I will be sure to post links so that you can view them.  Anyway, please forgive me for slacking!!