Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Little Strawberries

DSC01926 DSC01924
DSC01927 I decided to get a strawberry plant this year because Shane just loves them.  It took awhile but the berries are getting ripe.  I picked 3 yesterday and they were sweet and soft…tasted awesome.  I think we are going to plant more of them we we get our garden going.  Just had to share!

Fun Fair 2010

Pierremont Elementary holds a fun fair every year for the entire school.  I took Shane to the fair  last year to let him see his new school.  This year Shane, Paige and I took on the fair together and had a wonderful time!

Paige and I arrived just as the helicopter was landing in the field behind the school.  The entire school and staff was outside waiting for the event.  We met Shane back in his classroom and then headed outside to the obstacle course.  Paige and Shane went together except for Paige needed a little help getting in.  Once she was in she did awesome.





 We walked into classrooms and played some different games.  Paige did great!  They shot basketballs into baskets (Paige got one), flipped frogs into baskets, and threw magnetic darts.  After about 30 minutes of games we decided it was time for a snack.  We went outside and got snow cones and popcorn.  Of course, it ended up being a little too messy but tried!  We called it a day after that.  The kids told me that had so much fun…I did too!

DSC01909 DSC01910 DSC01911
DSC01919 DSC01918 DSC01922

End of the Year Party

Paige’s end of the year party was last Thursday in her classroom.  They made ice cream sundaes and played.  Paige brought me books to read to her and now I know why she has been saying the things that she is saying.  The other day she asked me if I was “Ezda Lodge” (she has trouble using her r’s).  I figured out she was asking me if I was extra large.  I could not figure out how where she would learn this until I read the book.  Apparently, the mom in the book was the extra large person.  I had to correct her and let her know that I was a medium. 

We took pictures with friends and teachers.  At the end they had circle time and sang and danced. for us.  It was too adorable!  I was so glad I could come.


Tinkerbell Birthday Party

Paige was invited to a birthday party by one of her little friends from St. John’s Early Childhood Center.  There were a lot of little girls there for Paige to socialize with.  She did very well up until they started singing happy birthday.  She started screaming and covering her ears.  I had to take her into another room to calm her down.  She said it was ‘too loud’.  She’s kind of funny about things like that but I think it is getting better.


Time to Catch Up AGAIN!!!

I finally feel well enough to catch up on my blog.  I have had a terrible cough that is finally fading away.  Anyway, there has been a lot of things happening and I still have been taking photos so I will take today to catch up on everything.  This is a busy time of year since school is coming to an end so I will have a lot of post.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chicago Getaway

Eddie and I had a great time in Chicago last weekend.  We stayed at the W hotel and did a lot of walking.  Eating was a big past time, as well.  Here are some pictures of the trip.  We definitely want to take the kids next time on the train.  I think they would love it!

Happy Mother’s Day

I had a terrific Mother’s Day today.  I came downstairs and Eddie had made coffee and French toast for breakfast…yummy.  I watched a few episodes of Private Practice and knitted Eddie’s scarf (almost done) and then all of us went out to eat at a place called Mai Lin.  It has great food!  They serve Vietminese and Chinese dishes.  I did receive tulips from my two kids in the mail on Friday and they are gorgeous.  All in all…wonderful day!