Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Links to Share

I found two sites that I think are totally awesome.  Most of you know about these already but I thought I would share anyway.

The first site is called Groupon.  They feature a deal every day in your area and if enough people purchase it then you get the deal.  It is free to join and they send you an email on their daily deals.  Click here to find out more about them.  Of course, they have a referral link so I thought I would share that two.  Click here to join:

The other cool site is called Ebates.  If you do any online shopping, you would go through this site (which is free) and make your purchase.  There is a great number of stores that participate…especially the popular ones.  I certain percent of your purchase comes back as a rebate in your account.  Every month they cut you a check or add the funds to your Paypal account.  I have received over $10 dollars and so has Eddie.  To sign up (for free) click the link:

Let me know what you think of them.  I think they’re brilliant!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Fajitas at Cecily’s House

This year we attended my friend, Cecily’s, annual Easter celebration.  She makes fajitas every year and they are absolutely awesome!!!  The guacamole was to die for!!! This year was unseasonably warm outside which made it a great day for an egg hunt.  Each each year she hides hollowed out eggs filled with confetti.  When the kids find all the eggs they start cracking them over each others’ heads and parents’ heads.

Usually it is not painful to have one of these cracked on your head but Paige hit me just right on the noggin and her egg never even cracked.  Needless to say I had a bruise on my head for a few days.  All in all we had a blast!IMG_5845


Trip to Purina Farms

My friend, Michelle, brought to my attention that Purina Farms (had never been) was having an Easter Village where the kids could see the Easter bunny and all the little baby farm animals.  I decided to take Paige out of school and go on a little field trip with Michelle, her son, Lucas, and a neighbor girl.

When we got there a dog show was in progress so we were able to avoid most of the crowd in the barn.  We looked at cows, horses, sheep, bunnies, chicks, dogs, and a few more.  After the barn, we walked over to where are the dogs and cats resided.  We saw a beautiful black standard poodle, a boxer, and different terriers.  In the middle of this building was an extremely tall house structure.  Apparently, all the cats lived inside.  It was cool because it really mimicked a real house.  There were couches, chairs and other furniture.  I know it was mainly for looks but it was cute!

I managed to get a few cute pictures of Paige sitting on the steps but she couldn’t sit still.  I know when she gets just a bit older I will be able to get some awesome shots!

DSC01746 IMG_5780
IMG_5768 IMG_5822

Finally Catching Up….Again

I got pretty sick this weekend and just didn’t feel like being on the computer…can you believe that?  Anyway, I have several pictures to post and stories to right so I will do the best I can to remember everything.  It is important to me to document these times so that I will remember them in the future.  I do plan on having my blog printed into a book so I always have it!!!